This means the Tappecue itself is not connected to wi-fi.  Some people think it has something to do with the mobile app which is incorrect.

To make sure the Tappecue is connecting to wi-fi check the following options.

Occasionally the Tappecue WiFi module needs a reset to Factory Settings.  From the PC or MAC setup program, logon and go to the utilities tab and once the Tappecue says PC Connected, Click the Reset Modem button.  Wait a minute then Click the Reset Device button.  After the Tappecue says PC Connected, unplug it from the computer and plug back into the wall.  Wait a few minutes and check the app again.

Did you verify the Network Name and Password that was used to setup the Tappecue is correct?

The main problem is not keying it exactly including capitalization or putting a zero for an O, etc..

The Tappecue wi-fi module is a 2.4Ghz, 802.b/g chip.  

Many routers have both a 2.4Ghz and a 5Ghz select the 2.4Ghz when setting up your wi-fi in the Tappecue setup program.

Verify that your security encryption type (WPA2, WEP, etc) that you selected in the Tappecue Setup program is correct.  Wrong encryption types will send temps that cannot be decrypted and will show as wi-fi disconnected.

There is a FAQ document on this site to show how to see yours from a Windows PC,  It is similar on a MAC.

Make sure your router doesn't have a setting such as 802.11 N only that will not allow 802.11 b/g devices to talk.

If your router allows a guest network, try the guest network with the Tappecue.  This should have less traffic.

Start a new session from your mobile device.  Occasionally customers re-register the Tappecue but don't start a new session.  The current session is looking at a previously registered Tappecue that doesn't show the new temps.  Starting a new session with the newly registered Tappecue fixes this situation.

Make sure you are running the latest firmware.  You will see the latest firmware versions on downloads page.

If you did update your firmware, did you finish the memory setup.  Some customers don't read the PDF instructions and put on the update without finishing the last steps.  1. Set Throttle to 30,  2. Set MAC address,  3. Set Temp Display.   

Try running the Tappecue close to your router to make sure that distance or metal walls aren't causing an issue.