Do you have an extender running?  We have found some extenders (Belkin N600 is one of them) don't work so well.  Unplug the extender and try with the wi-fi router running only.

Do you have something metal in between the router and the Tappecue?  One customer had his smoker in between them and had to turn his smoker around.  Another had a steel refrigerator on the side of his router and in between the router and the Tappecue.  

Could distance be an issue? Run the Tappecue close to the router for a test one evening and see if you get any wi-fi disconnects.

Could it be interference?  Sometimes setting up a separate 2.4G guest network to let the Tappecue run by itself on fixes things.

Try repositioning the antenna.  If your router is parallel with the Tappecue make sure both antennas are pointing up.  If your router is say a floor above the Tappecue (picture a donut shape signal coming from a circumference around the Tappecue antenna and position it so the donut hits the router).