Please contact us at for a firmware update if you are not on V4.xx and you would like OFFLINE mode.

Offline Mode

No access to the Internet, no problem.  Your Tappecue will now talk directly with your phone.

1. Plug in the power to the Tappecue without probes plugged in. You must have at least Tappecue V4.01 on the LCD of the Tappecue when it boots up and then LOW readings across all four probes and an * in the right hand corner. This signifies the Tappecue is in OFFLINE mode.

NOTE:  If you don't have V4.01 or above you might need a firmware update.

2. OFFLINE MODE menu. From the Tappecue mobile app, click the button that says OFFLINE MODE.  You will see a menu with Instructions, Connect to Tappecue, Set Alerts, Quick Temperature View.

3. Connect to Tappecue.  

The Tappecue has become it’s own WiFi network.  

The network name is the last network name that was saved to the Tappecue (your WiFi network) with an underscore and the Tappecue Mac address.  Each Tappecue has a unique address and you can find yours in the Tappecue app under Settings->Device Management->View Tappecues->Select your Tappecue. 

ie, a network name is LinksysHome, the MACID of a Tappecue is 00:1e:30:69:7c:5b would become LinksysHome_00:1e:30:63:7c:5b.  

This would be the WiFi network you would chose on your mobile device.  The password is YOUR WiFi network password.  

We did it this way in case many Tappecue customers are in the same range (for example at a BBQ competition)  The security would be unique to your Tappecue and no one can get into it unless you give them your password.

4. Set alerts.  These 4 probe alerts are for OFFLINE mode.  You would set the MIN/MAX and the alerts will have the default Tappecue ringtone for when the MIN/MAX is out of range.  You can turn the alerts ON/OFF on this view.

5. Quick Temperature View- This view must be left on for the alerts to ring.  It will refresh periodically on its own, or you can use the refresh arrow in the upper right menu.  Since at this time, we don’t have graphs or history, there is a screenshot icon in the upper right hand corner that will save a photo of the temperature screen.