Firmware Update for the new Tappecue "Offline Mode".

Offline Mode allows the Tappecue to talk directly with the Tappecue mobile apps without using the WiFi Router for easy access to temperatures at campsites, BBQ competitions, etc. This update will also allow for setting up the WiFi component of the Tappecue through the mobile app instead of using a computer.  

Firmware Updates:

V0.xx will be updated to V0.04

V1.xx will be updated to V1.03

V2.xx, v3.xx, v4.xx will be updated to V4.09

The main consideration for these two modes of operation are whether a probe is or isn't plugged in before startup.

  • Startup without a probe plugged in for OFFLINE mode
  • Startup up with a probe plugged in for WIFI mode.  

If you are going to use the Computer for setup you must plug a probe in before plugging into the USB.  

Note: Vista operating system, & occasionally other operating systems, may not allow enough time before the application finishes the upgrade and will give a non-responding windows message.   The LCD might go blank when you reboot it.  If this happens, then reboot your Tappecue, connect back to the PC/MAC, give it a few minutes, and attempt the firmware update again.

Contact if you have any issues with setting up the firmware update.

Downloading and installing Tappecue Setup program


  • Download the file attached here depending on your version.

Updating your Tappecue firmware

Plug in probes and then the Tappecue with the USB cable into your USB port of your Windows computer (If you have a V1 plug in the power adapter as well).  Double click the TappecueSetup Icon on your desktop or click Start Menu->Programs->TappecueSetup

  • Login to your account and proceed to the Utilities tab.

(note: if you have an older version of the setup program where you don’t see the Fahrenheit at the top left, you will need to uninstall your Tappecue Setup program and then get the new Windows or MAC program from our websites downloads page and install before proceeding)

  • Verify that your Tappecue’s drivers have been recognized by clicking the MAC Address button.  You should see your Tappecues Mac Address returned. 
  • Click the Update Firmware button.   For the first message box that says “Does your Tappecue LCD say PC Connected..?”  Click NO.. Make sure you have downloaded the appropriate V_TappecueFirmware.hex file.  If so, say yes to continue and browse to this file.  The PC will say configuring device for a few minutes or more (don’t leave the screen or minimize it).  Look at the LCD panel on the Tappecue, when rebooted it will say the new version of the LCD and then return to PC Connected.  (If it doesn’t you might not have a probe plugged in.  Unplug the Tappecue from the computer and power, plug in a probe then connect again to continue with step 4).  You will also get an OK message returned to your PC.
  • Now we need to reset the memory.  In the message box above Set Throttle in the utilities tab put 30 and then click the Set Throttle button.  (this is the default 30 seconds to send temperatures)
  • Select Fahrenheit and click the Set Temp Display button.
  • Select MAC Address to save the MAC Address to the memory of your Tappecue.
  • Click the Wi-Fi setup tab and proceed to update your wi-fi settings as you did when initially setting up your Tappecue if your red light is not out on the Tappecue (hint:  you can also click the Check Connection button, if Connected no need to setup the WiFi again)
  • Lastly, to get OFFLINE mode logout and log back into the app.   If you still don't see it, email us with your login name and we will get it going for you.