Please contact us at for a firmware update if you are not on V4.xx and you would like OFFLINE mode.



  • Sign in to the Tappecue App on your IPhone. 
  • Power on your Tappecue WITHOUT PROBES PLUGGED in. *make sure your Tappecue reads 4.01 or above and low, low, low,low *
  • Switch to the settings screen in your Tappecue App by selecting the Settings Wheel Icon at the bottom right of the screen. Select Change Tappecue WiFi.
  •  Then go to your phone's  IPhone settings icon. Select WiFi Settings. Select the the Previous WiFi name that you last saved to your Tappecue. It will have a series of numbers behind it that look something like this:  "myprevioustappecuenetwork _00:##:##:##:##:##". You will then key in the WiFi password that you previously used.  When your phone connects to this it is now "speaking" with your Tappecue to make the change inside your Tappecue. 
  • Switch back to the Tappecue App. (you can switch between apps by double clicking the home key on your IPhone) Click Verify Connection at the bottom. You should get a pop up box that says connection successful. Click Proceed.  
  • You will now enter your new network WiFi information.  Key in your new network name EXACTLY as it is named on the new WiFi network you wish to use. Click Save. *The first time you do this it says failed.. YOU MUST DO THIS STEP TWICE* Click Save 2nd time.  Key in your security type. Click Save. Key in the new WiFi password. Write this down. You will use the next time you want to change the WiFi network. Click Save. *NOTE: each time you want to use a new WiFi network, you will have to use the previous Network Name used (with number sequence) and previous password used**  
  • Click "Check Network" name at the bottom. It should show you your new WiFi Network. Click "Check Password". It should show you your new network password. Click "Done" at the top right of the page. You should get a box that says "Setup Complete".  Now your Tappecue is set up with the new WiFi Network.
  •  **Remember to go back in to your IPhone WiFi settings and switch back to the active WiFi Network**.  
  • NOW..Reboot Tappecue with PROBES PLUGGED IN to put Tappecue in WiFi Mode.