Please contact us at for a firmware update if you are not on V4.xx and you would like OFFLINE mode.

  • How far away can I get from the Tappecue in Offline Mode?  The range of the antennae is about 180 feet.
  • Can more than 1 person be connected?  Yes
  • Can I use the Tappecue WiFi Network for Internet?  No, When you connect to the Tappecue WiFi network there will not be Internet.
  • Can I use my cellular while on the Tappecue WiFi Network?   Yes, with Android you can use what’s called Smart Network Switch if your Android phone allows it. 
  • Can I use my computer instead of my phone for OFFLINE mode?  We don’t have an app for it, but if you are technical we can get you the IP address and port and you can setup your own software to use.  Send us an email at