Check the version number on your Tappecue LCD when it first starts.  It must be either V4.XX, V1.03 or V0.04 based on your Tappecue model.

Please contact us at for a firmware update if you are not on V4.xx and you would like OFFLINE mode.

Make sure you started your Tappecue without probes and that you see LOW, LOW, LOW, LOW with an * in the right hand corner of the Tappecue LCD. If you don't see this, unplug your Tappecue and then remove all probes and plug back in without probes.

Do you have a space in your WiFi network name and are a customer that put on a firmware update? These Tappecues don't show up in the list of WiFi networks.  You will need to remove the Tappecue Setup program from your PC or MAC and download an updated Tappecue Setup Program for Windows or MAC from, install and logon and then setup your WiFi again from the third tab.  This will take care of the space issue.  Your Tappecue should show up in the list of WiFi network when you start it up without probes.

Try turning your Cellular Data off in your app settings.

Go through this sequence, Start up Tappecue without probes and wait for LOW, LOW, LOW, LOW.

Turn off Cellular,

Connect to the Tappecue WiFi network.

Go to the Quick Temperature View and wait until you see LOW, LOW, LOW, LOW

Plug in probes