The Tappecue comes with a standard US power supply adapter wall plug and a USB cable.

If no power outlet is available you can use a standard USB power bank to power it instead of the wall adapter.

We sell one on our website that is a 8400mah power bank that powers Tappecue about 36 hours.

Here are a couple links of other ones that we know work.

Since the Tappecue uses low power some power banks shut off or simply say PC Connected without getting enough power to the device.

If you have a battery bank at home, test it out first for an hour or so before using it to smoke.

Dual port battery power banks work well.  You can always put in a USB light or other device that gives out more power and gaurantees it will stay on.

For V1 Tappecues that use a 9V barrell power supply you can use this cable to convert over your Tappecue to use the battery power bank.