You can import your Tappecue Session data into Google Sheets which is a free data quarry base through Google. First you must have a Google Account. If you do not have a google account follow this link to help you set up your account and learn how to use Google Sheets

  • First end your current session on your mobile device. You will get a prompt that asks you if you want an email of the current session data. After you reply "yes" you will receive an email with an attachment or download option. Download the attachment to your desktop. 
  • Make sure your Google Sheets App is opened.  
  • Click on the following link.  This will open a blank "View Only" spread sheet

New:  If using Dual Sensor Probes or Splitters for more than 4 probes use this link  This will open a blank "View Only" spread sheet with 8 Probe Sheets

. You will need to 

  • COPY this spread sheet (to get the pre set formula) by left clicking in the top left corner cell box (right underneath the fx symbol). That will highlight the page. Then go to the file option at the top of the page. You should see a "make a copy" in the selections. After you select "make a copy" and copy the workbook you will get an option to name your new copied sheet and where to save it. note: it will save somewhere in your Google drive. 
  • Once you have copied and saved a new data sheet open up the copied sheet. When you have opened the new sheet you created you will then select the file option at the top of the page. Then select "import". The data sheet will open a box that says "drag or select files". You will drag, or select by browsing, the attachment you downloaded to your desktop earlier. Google Sheets will then ask you how your want to import your data. You will first select Replace Current Sheet. Then you will select "Comma". You will then "Yes". Your session data will then import. 

You will notice there are tabs at the bottom of the workbook. You may navigate through these tabs to see all probe data combined or individual probe data and graphs.