Steps to change your WiFi setting or Network:

1. Open your Tappecue program.

2. Plug a probe into your Tappecue.

3. Connect Tappecue to your computer. 

        a. You must wait for your Tappecue display to say "PC Connected..." before moving to the next step. 

4. Log into your Tappecue account. 

5. Select the third tab at top labeled "Wi-Fi Setup".

6. Change the Wi-Fi network to your desired network. 

        a. This is case sensitive

        b. Click "Save Wi-Fi Network".

7. Change the security type to what is associated with your network.

        a. Typically this is WPA2.

        b. Click "Save type". 

8. Insert your Wi-Fi password.

        a. This is case sensitive.

9. Click on "Check Connection" to see if its connected.

        * Note if RED LIGHT is on the Tappecue, if yes it is not connected. 

        * If there is a Red Light on you may be required to reset device. 

                a. Click on "Reset Device". 

        * If it is still not connecting check your Wi-Fi Network Name and the Password.