If your device disconnects from your home WiFi networks when taken outside there a few possible causes:

  • If you go outside the range of your Internet router/ network range.
    • A typical 2.4GHz can reach around 150ft indoors (46meters) or 300ft (92meters) of unobstructed outdoors. 
    • A 5 GHz can only reach about a third of the distance as a 2.4GHz.
    • If router is in basement of home and the Tappecue is outside of your home there may not be a strong enough signal. 
  • If your BBQ pit/ Smoker (location of your Tappecue) has a garage/carport between, the signal cannot be sent through a garage door (metal door).

If your device does disconnect:

  1. Take the Tappecue next to your network router and make  sure it is able to connect. 
  2. Try another location within your home (Between the router and BBQ pit/ smoker). 
  3. Lastly, try again by your smoker/ BBQ pit.