Firmware Update For Tappecue Touch

Current Firmware is 2.4.0

  1. End any current session on your mobile app and then make sure to restart your Tappecue (this will not work with a current session going)
  2. Go to settings (Top left Gear icon)
  3. Select “Wi-Fi”
  4. Select “Info”
  5. Make sure your Computer and TappecueTouch are on the same Wi-Fi
    1. Can be confirmed by looking at the SSID
  6. On Computer from here on:
    1. Download the Firmware attached here to your computer.
    2. Type your IP Address of Tappecue into your web browser of computer.
    3. Select Firmware Upgrade from list.
    4. Select “Choose File” and browse your computer to find Firmware update.
    5. Select “Upgrade”
    6. The Tappecue V3 will begin the update, this can take a few seconds to a minute.