Step 1. Configure your Wi-Fi.  Turn on your Tappecue Touch be pressing the button,  Select “SETUP” to begin. Choose your desired Wi-Fi Network. If you do not see the desired Wi-Fi Network, you can manually type it in by selecting “hidden SSID”. Then, enter you Wi-Fi Network Password if you have one.

Step 2.Create and/or Link your Account. Enter your email address and hit the enter key. If you do not have a pre-existing account set up with this email, select “Create New”. Create a password and hit enter. Register your Tappecue/ name your device and hit enter.

                a.If you have a pre-existing email type it and hit enter. This will take you to a page that asks for your Tappecue Account Password.Then name your Tappecue Touch.

Step 3.Set up presets.  Go into the settings of your Tappecue Touch and select “Units”. From here you can choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius. * This will only change the Tappecue Touch, you will need to change mobile app settings as well if you prefer.    

Step 4. Cook up your favorite meal! Download the Tappecue app from either Google Play or iTunes App Store. Login in with the Account Email and password from Step 2. Click “Start New Session”. Fill out the information needed and then click the arrow in top right. Repeat this until you have successfully started a new session, this will take you back to the home screen. Click “View Current Session” and go to “Quick Temperature View”. It may take up to two minutes for the first temperature update to be received. After the initial signal is received you will receive new temperature updates approximately every 30 seconds.