1. Turning on Offline Mode. Click on the Settings Icon on the Tappecue Screen, select the "Wi-Fi". Then choose "Offline Mode". Lastly, select "Offline". 
  2. Connecting Mobile Device to Tappecue. On your mobile device go into you Wi-Fi settings. Connect to the Wi-Fi broadcasted from Tappecue Device, it will be the name of the last connected W-Fi network followed by the Tappecue device MAC Address (example tappecue_00:00:00:00:00:00). If the previous network has a password, you will use the same one to access the Offline signal of the Tappecue. 
  3. Go and use it! Go to Offline Mode page of app. Set your alerts for the probes under "SET ALERTS" and to view temperatures, select "QUICK TEMPERATURE VIEW".