Having trouble getting your wifi to connect? Here are a few Troubleshooting hints.

  • Try restarting the Tappecue in Wifi mode. ***Hold Power Button until it powers off.***
  • Patience is important... (it can take a few minutes for the app to show WiFi connected.)
    • This is dependent on where in the que it is prioritized. 
  • Double check your password that was entered on the Tappecue Device correctly. 
  • Try restarting your router.
  • Put Tappecue near the router and test connection and every few minutes move it further away.
    • This will see if there is interference and where at. 
  • Contact us! Don't spend hours unnecessarily trying to fix the issue. We usually can resolve the issue quickly.

Phone: (417) 213-5870

Email: support@innovating-solutions.com