Your V1/V2 Tappecue Software Versions are attached below.

Look at the LCD on your Tappecue when starting up to see what your current version is.

V409_TappecueFirmware.hex (For versions 2.xx or 3.xx or 4.xx)

V1_TappecueFirmware.hex (1.03) (For versions 1.xx)

V0_TappecueFirmware.hex (0.04) (for versions 0.xx)

Here are the steps to update your Tappecue:
1. Download Firmware attachment to your PC/MAC.
2. Plug a probe into your Tappecue.
3. Connect your Tappecue to your computer.
4. Open up the Tappecue program on your computer (download here).
5. Go to the "Utilities" tab.
6. Click on "Update Firmware".
7. Select "no" on the first prompt and "yes" on the second.
8. Select the update file.
9. After the update click on "Reset Modem" and then "Reset Device".
10. Lastly, on the phone app just log out and log back in.