1. With a Tappecue Touch Base Unit.


SETUP Tappecue Touch through Touch Screen and see the WiFi icon has connected.

The AirProbe will automatically connect to the Tappecue Touch once charged and removed from the charger and show up on the LCD Screen and send temperatures to the cloud.

From the Tappecue Mobile App – Start Session button (do NOT use AirProbe Direct)

When adding and selecting probes select dual sensor/splitter.  

Slot A is for the food, the Slot B is for the air. Make sure to select None and change it to a food type.

The probes are ordered by color, Probe 1 – Green, Probe 2- Red, Probe 3 –Black, Probe 4 - Blue


For a full Tappecue Touch manual see footer, under experience, Touch FAQ / Manuals

  1. AirProbe Direct to a mobile device without a Tappecue Touch Base and communicating through the Tappecue Mobile App



Download the App and Create Account and pair the probes through the wizard.  If you do have a login, login with your credentials.

Then use the AirProbe Direct Button in the App from the first Tablet/ Smartphone to view temperatures through BlueTooth.

It will connect to the AirProbe and start a Cloud session through WiFi.  You can view session details to set alerts under the Temperatures button, swiping right to left for each probe.  This will also show graphing and history.

From a second phone you would View Session.

Note:  You don’t have to have a second phone, or WiFi to use the AirProbe.



For a full AirProbe Direct Manual see  footer, under experience AirProbe Direct FAQ/Manual.