1) Make sure the AirProbe2 is charged.  
a) test the battery: With the probe out of the charger press the button to test the battery by pressing the button on the charger.  The green light should come on.  If not, replace the battery.
b) test the probe.  Place the probe in the charger with the pointed end of the probe in the open air and the flat end pressed down touching the flat end of the charger.  Make sure it is pressed down completely in the charger.  Press the button on the charger.  It should go from no light, to blinking light, to a full green light when fully charged.  It takes about 10 minutes to charge.

2) Make sure any current session is ended.  Go into the View Session on the Tappecue app, select AirProbes and end your current session.

3) Make sure the AirProbe is not connected to any other bluetooth devices (like a tablet or another phone in the app)

4) turn off your bluetooth and turn it back on.  (for debugging purposes make sure no other bluetooth devices are attached)

5) take out the probe and then select the AirProbe Direct button (taking the probe out before AirProbe Direct gives it time to start up)