You can now change the AirProbe color identifier within the Tappecue app.

  • Within the Tappecue App, select the "Settings" gear -> select "AirProbe Settings".
  • Take your charged AirProbe out of the Charging Dock (note: only change one AirProbe color at a time)
  • Go back to the app and select "Scan". It may take a minute to find your AirProbe. Make sure your Bluetooth is on and your Tappecue Touch is off.  If it's not connecting, be patient and try going through the process again.
  • Once connected, you can select "Change Color" and then select whichever color you desire: Green, Red, Black, or Blue.
  • Once it's changed, be sure to change the colored ring on the actual AirProbe to match.  

Now if you'd like to use multiple AirProbes at the same time, you can easily change the colors to do so.