Thanks to Tappecue AirProbe customer Michael Gacsaly for this information. 

We are testing this solution out and have some basic prototypes.

If you are having trouble with droppage and would like to test, let us know.

Notes from Michael:

Here are some pics of the antenna I made.

This test had the probes in a faraday cage (two aluminum pans) inside my oven.

The antenna is made


uxcell 10M 1mm 500C Tinned Copper Conductor High Temperature Wire

This is very flexible with thick soft insulation which makes it nice to run.

The antenna will not work if the bare wire touches metal on either side.

Thus the sturdy binder clips.

Without the antenna I had steady zero signal from all probes less than 5 feet from probes.

With the antenna I get a steady signal.

Before the antenna, I would regularly get sporadic dropouts.

Amazon link for the cable

Notes from our engineer:

The pictures look like they are using high temp wire and splitting the conductive wire bundle into a dipole (also probably 31mm in length) on both ends, which should accomplish a similar thing. Basically, the antenna on the inside gets the signal coupled onto it from the probe and conducts it electrically to the antenna that’s on the outside, which then radiates the signal. This signal path goes both directions, in and out. The efficiency is going to be poor, but you don’t need much signal to get Bluetooth to connect.

This should work whether you have a Tappecue Touch or are using AirProbe Direct.