We made the decision when designing Tappecue for it to be as simple as possible for our customers.  The only way to accomplish this was to have the Tappecue as a client working like most other home wireless solutions, such as a wireless TV.  For setup you only have to supply the Wireless Network Name (SSID), Authentication Type, and Password.  Then the Tappecue sends information out from your house up to our cloud where it is accessible via your mobile devices.  It is not setup to receive information back into your home. If we made it so the Tappecue stored information and you had to hook directly to the Tappecue you would have to change your router settings to allow traffic to come into your home which is much more complicated and you would open your home up to potential security problems.  That's what we didn't want.

So the question gets posed, what if you go out of business?  We have been a company since 2010 and Tappecue has been released since June 2013.  We've are continually making improvements and getting distribution partners as well as introducing Tappecue into new markets.  We are trending well.  Most of you know customer support and satisfaction is our number one priority.  We do not anticipate going out of business though nothing in life is certain.  All we can tell you is that you are our top priority, and we have contingency plans for you.  In the event of a failure we would release our cloud to you with instructions on how to configure your own setup as well as finding some of you that are technical that would want to host it for others that don't want that complication.  This isn't a difficult thing for us to do and we would not leave you hanging.  I hope this helps alleviate some fears some of you might have that keep you from getting the most benefit out of what we have to offer.  We really don't want you to miss out because of this.    

Send me an email directly gina.bourret@innovating-solutions.com if you would like to talk to me personally about this.  I would be happy to talk with you.