When it doesn't complete the firmware update the LCD goes blank.You can try it again.
 Sometimes people download a link instead of a file and it's not the true update, make sure you did a download of the file.
1. Save the file on your computer.

2. Plug in a probe and then the power to the USB of your PC or MAC.

3. Login to the Tappecue Setup program and go to the 4th tab (utilities)

4. Click the Update Firmware button, 5. When it says does your Tappecue say PC Connected, say NO

6. When it asks did you download the file, say YES

7. Browse to the file V4_TappecueFirmware.hex that you saved earlier in step 1

8. Watch the progress bar and make sure not to touch the PC to move the screen until it's done.
If you still need help, you can either try another computer or send it here with a note.

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