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I have two sessions saved in SessionBook but the graph for the first session does not display. The second one does.

I expected the saved session graph in SessionBook to match the EXCEL graph for each cook but SessionBook appears to only graph the maximum and minimum temperatures. It’s pretty but not as helpful as the EXCEL graph.

Oops! The graph for my third cook did not display.


I got a nice SessionBook graph from my last rib cook, like the session graphs that you get on your phone during a regular cook. Some of my "grilling" sessions were probably too short to get a decent SessionBook graph (I'm guessing). Pity, because the EXCEL versions of these cooks were very good.



I know everyone is not an EXCEL user but perhaps Innovating Solutions could generate an EXCEL graph for SessionBook subscribers and generate a .pdf of the EXCEL graph for them in addition to the current SessionBook graph? Both graphs could be available for viewing from subscriber's SessionBook dashboard - a nice value added feature. Just a thought...


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