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The Notes field for sessions is great for short notes but not so much for long ones. It appears to be limited to about 90 words. Sometimes I can get a little wordy and need more.

In “Notes,” apostrophes and quotation marks appear as question marks. Is this temporary?

Can images be embedded in Notes?



THANK YOU for including a spell check feature in Notes! Some of us can't spell!



I tried to add my rub recipe to notes in SessionBook but SessionBook was unable to preserve my table format.


Hi George,

1. Session notes are limited to 500 characters at this time.  We can make a note to increase that number.

2. We'll have to check on the apostrophes and quotation marks.  I imagine it is a web encoding issues as quotes and apostrophes have special meanings in programming and databases.

3. :)

4. Can your rub recipe be saved as a pdf and then uploaded as an image from your PC or MAC?  This would preserve the table format.  You can also rename your image from file explorer before saving the image if you do it on a PC or MAC.  Sor the image could be named rub recipe.

Duh! It never occurred to me that I could upload images from my desktop computer. I thought I had to do everything from my phone - so more flexibility, that's good!

I successfully uploaded my rub recipe in table format from my PC to SessionBook images and the name I gave the image was also saved but sadly, I could not embed the table in notes.



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