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No Data Session


Occasionally I like to add notes about one of my brother’s cooks. He has different pits than me and more experience with different meats. We also collaborate on different cooking techniques and temperatures. So I started a session on my iPhone without plugging in the Tappecue and then ended it and saved it. It saved to SessionBook just like a normal cook but with no temperature or graph data. I was able to record a name and add notes which is what I wanted to do. Great!

However, I also wanted to add some images that my brother sent me that were on my iPhone but not on my camera roll. I wasn’t able to figure out how to do that. Is there a way to upload my brother’s photos that he sent me attached to a text to SessionBook?

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I don't think you can attach from a text.  You would press down on the photo in the text and then save it to your photos and then save it from your camera roll like your other photo you saved I believe.

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