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Misc Comments and Other Musings

 I like to use one of my food probes as an ambient temperature probe when I can. It'd be nice if the Tappecue unit had a built in ambient temperature sensor which always displayed and which was tracked by the server during an active session. This would be a useful feature and a nice touch!


Saved Sessions - This started out as a charcoal test but turned into a meatloaf cook for lunch and then a pizza cook in the evening. I didn't think to start new sessions for each cook and now I'd like to change the name of the session, but alas, I don't think I can. <arg>


A burnt ends alternative to left over brisket point - cut the point into 1/2" squares and load them up on a frozen cheese pizza, top with your favorite BBQ sauce and onions. Cook in the oven or your charcoal fired cooker and then sit down to a delectable pizza that you can't get anywhere else. Suitable for entertaining! Fabulous!


Great idea George. Thanks!
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