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I would like to suggest some changes to the UI on Specifically to the Current Session | Current Temps page. I personally keep this page up on a touchscreen PC in my kitchen. And it's great for monitoring temps of a cook. But it could be so much nicer, if it could be viewed at a glance from across the room.

It appears that the columns in the grid on the page are fixed width, causing the Last Update column to wrap the time under the date. If you made that, and the other columns, percentages, rather than fixed with columns in the grid, that would expand the Last Update column horizontally, preventing the white space under each row of probes, thus reducing the overall vertical grid spacing currently needed to display all 4 probes. That vertical space reduction could then be used to increase the font size of the probe rows, resulting in better readability of the row information from a greater distance.

(61.2 KB)

Something similar to the attached pic. Anyway, you get the idea. :-)



This is a great request.

I'll pass it along.


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