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New extra care probes are inaccurate

 I recently received 4 of your new extra care probes. I have found they are inaccurate and drift continually. Attached is a picture and the first 3 probes are the new probes. They are together in the ambient air. The ambient temperature is between 55 and 60.  I am running the beta 4 firmware just in case that is the issue.

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Hi James,

That is very strange for we ran an ambient temperature on the new probe with our smoke this weekend with no fluctuations and the correct temps.

I can clearly see yours.

The only place I've seen fluctuations like yours was an electrical problem in the Tappecue.

Doesn't mean it can't be something else.

Were you using our power brick into an outlet or were you using a power bank?

Would you try a couple of things.

1. Run the same test with the older probes.

2. Verify the temps in ice water and boiling water.

Let me know your results,


Attached are two files, one with the old probes in ice and one with the new probes in ice. The old probes are stable when plugged in. I switched back and forth several times trying to isolate to an AC problem or interference. In all cases the old probes were always stable and the new probes were sometimes stable but would still drift a few degrees within a minute. When I had to stop for the day I put the tappecue device back by the smoker with 3 new probes and one old. When I plugged in the AC they were stable. At some point I will try and troubleshoot some more. One thing I have noticed with the new probes is it takes much longer for the display to settle to the proper temperature compared to the old probes. It can take 2 minutes or more after the new probe is plugged in for it to settle close to the correct temperature. Also plugging in a new probe when other new probes are already plugged in seems to make them all unstable for a few minutes.


I have been able to determine the problem. When all 4 probes are plugged in and are the new style the temperature on all 4 probes vary by 5 degrees continually. With 3 new probes plugged in they will be somewhat stable but the temperatures are 1 or 2 degrees higher than they should be.  Attached are screenshots showing this.


(67.7 KB)
(70.7 KB)

Hi James,

I'm not sure what could be causing the issues.  Maybe 1 bad probe?  We have tested all four new probes in one session before releasing as have our beta testers and I have a session going now that is consistent.  They are 3 at 71 and 1 at 72 but it was laying on my desk where the other 3 were hanging.  Took it off the desk and it came to 71. 

Do you think it could be isolated to 1 of the probes?

I'm sorry, I'm just baffled.  Should we send you another set?

Thanks for testing,


  I have hams going in my smoker right now and had two new probes and two old probes in use. The one new probe inserted in a ham with a second probe from a temp controller to verify readings as the temp went up showed the new probe to be accurate thru the night. I added a third new probe and all readings went inaccurate. I put it back the way I had it and the new probe in the ham now is reading inaccurate by 15 degrees high. One thought I have is I am running it in a unheated location and right now it is about 35 degrees there. When testing the other day it was 46 degrees. It may be temperature related. Otherwise I can ship the controller and probes to you to troubleshoot.


I was incorrect when I said the probe was reading 15 degrees high. I had plugged the wrong probe back in. With two new probes and one old probe I am still getting varying temperatures but by a few degrees. It is varying between 144 and 149 degrees. The external probe shows 145. This is inserted into the center of a ham and doesn't vary at all with the old probes. As I said I can send them to you to test if you would like.


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