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Removing a Tappecue device

I found the instructions for removing a mobile device but could not find a way to remove a Tappecue.  How do I remove one in my list of devices?  Does not seem to be a way in Manage Devices.

Ok, so reading this post, there is no way to remove MY old device since I upgraded to the new touch?

Hi Dan,

The Tappecue will be made inactive when it is returned to us.

Sorry for the delay, but it will come off your list soon.


Oh, ok, I did not realize it was sort of "hard coded" like that.  So if a friend lets me connect to their Tappecue it is locked to my account, or I probably can't use theirs because it will already be locked to their account?

Just trying to get a feel for how this works and is organized.


Hi Dan,

That's one of the reasons we have the guest login, so you can connect easily to others accounts to view their temperature or get alerts without changing anything.

But yes, the Tappecue is connected to the Account which is how it is all hooked together.

Thanks for the question,


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