Tappecue Public API

We've had quite a few requests throughout the years for a Public API.  We have given a shared API out to a handful of requesters with understandings of use for it wasn't managed well enough to release it to the general public.

One of our customers, Frank Dice, took the Shared API and created a Public Facing one that we are very happy to share with you today.

Here's the message from him with more information.

Hi Everyone!

I'm Frank, the maintainer of the public-facing Tappecue API. I'm not directly associated with Tappecue, I just really wanted API access to integrate my Tappecue into my existing home automation. Since I was already building this API, I wanted to be able to share it with the rest of the Tappecue community. I hope you find new and interesting ways to integrate with your Tappecue and share them back with the community!

Please reach out to me at frank@babyvelociraptor.com with any questions/comments or report an issue on the project's GitHub.

Official documentation is located at https://frankdice.github.io/tappecue-api/
The API URL is https://tappecue.babyvelociraptor.com/


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This is awesome !
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