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Removing a Tappecue device after upgrading to the touch

I saw and read the other post about removing a device AFTER it sent it back, but what if I upgraded to the new touch? How do I remove the old one from my list?

Also removing a alerting device doesn't seam to work right either.

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I also have upgraded to the touch.  I would like to remove the old one from my account.  I would like to give my old one to a co-worker but fear he will not be able to register it because it is accocated with my account.  How is this done? 

Same issue.

Same issue here. Can't believe there has yet to be a response to this question! 

Issue resolved. I opened a New Support Ticket, provided the old Tappecue's MAC address, and requested to have the device removed from my account. 

Within an hour, received an email that the device was removed. Checked my Tappecue App, and the old Tappecue Device was removed. 

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