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Vibration alerts

Sometimes I like to start a session on a Sunday morning while I'm in church to have things ready for a meal later. Would it be possible to add a vibrate only alarm for these situations where "check your meat" might not be appropriate?

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Hi Andrew

I found a way to make them silent and still show up.  But the vibrate didn't work for me.

If you go to settings on your Android, then notifications, then Tappecue, under Notification Category, Notification style, chose silent.

That will turn off the sound, but you will still get an icon and notification.

Hope that helps.


While that can be helpful, I can't see an alert in my pocket and it would be rude to constantly check for icons during a church service, meeting etc.

I can see that would be a problem too.  It's a great feature request and we will see what we can do.

I am wondering if you change it from our custom sound to an android sound under Settings -> Notifications ->Tappecue -> then chose any of them that the vibrate will work.  Or chose silent and leave on the vibrate.

The problem would be that once you change it from our sound, you can't change it back.

I can test it out for you soon,


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