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Beta-Testing Instructions

Prepare your Tappecue Touch and AirProbe

The first step to beta-testing your new AirProbe is putting your Tappecue Touch in Beta-Mode.  You can do this by following the link to Beta-Testing Firmware on your Tappecue Touch.

Once your Tappecue Touch is finished updating to the latest firmware version, we can begin testing the new AirProbe.

Prepare your new AirProbe by inserting your AAA battery into the charging dock.  Charge your new AirProbe for 5 minutes, until fully charged.  By pressing the button on the charging dock, if the green LED light turns on, your probe is fully charged.

Begin a New Session on the Tappecue Mobile App

Start a "test" session on your mobile app.  Your new AirProbe is pre-programed to a specific probe port (one of your choosing).  If you chose "Green" as your color when you purchased, the new AirProbe can only work with the "Green" port (port 1).  When starting a session and selecting your probes, be sure to specify your new AirProbe as a "Dual Sensor" probe with the toggle under "Probe Type".  Select "Slot A" as your internal temperature, and "Slot B" as your chamber temperature.  Note that if you chose a red, black, or blue colored AirProbe, you will need to add your other probes first, before adding your AirProbe.  For example, the red probe is unique to the red probe port, Port 2, so while setting up your session, you must first add Port 1 even if you don't have anything in your first port (you can select "None" as your probe) and then you can continue to add your next probe (your Red AirProbe).   Proceed as normal when setting up the rest of your session.  

Pair your new AirProbe with your Tappecue Touch

Turn on your Tappecue Touch, remove the new AirProbe from its charging dock.  When removed from its charging dock, the AirProbe automatically scans for nearby Bluetooth connections and pair with your powered ON Tappecue Touch.  It is pre-programed to communicate with your Tappecue Touch.  You will see temperatures come through on your device as soon as it's paired.  

Note: for now, only have one Tappecue Touch powered on while linking your AirProbes.

Updates and Problems

We will keep you informed on updates through email.  If you encounter a problem while testing your probes, please "Start a new topic" on the AirProbe Beta forum

Got the probe today. Nice. Eagerly awaiting a firmware update so I can test it.

QQ: Can we discuss our experience outside of this forum?

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I as well got the probes today.  As an aside to the probe testing, can it be possible to add a cursor symbol in the text fields?  ie. Name of session field.  When go here, I don't know whether or not its ready to accept text input.  I have to start typing to see the text is or is not showing up.  This is not air probe related but app related.

Also just got my probe.  Followed the directions above.  I assume that my probe is green because of the green band around it.  Turned on the Tappecue and took probe out of its charger.  It did not pair at all.  I am at a loss about what to do next.

@chicagomidnight I have the same issue and reported it a long time ago (cursor not showing in any text entry field on the app). I never know where my cursor is, so I always have a little anxiety when I try to edit anything in the app.

@richard I think we need to wait for the beta firmware to push later this week. Gina and team, is that right?

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Will be emailed when the firmware pushes?

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Got mine today!! yay

If they could just post the beta firmware you can just manually talk to the device via the IP from your browser.

My PC connected to the tappecue no problem just need a file to upload.

I am curious about the selection of the probes. I assume that the "new probe" button will allow users to select the probe by color rather than number? I have never liked the (+) button and the requirement to fill up probes from 1 to 4, in that order. Add a probe, let me select which slot it's in, and then let me tell you what it's measuring.

Well before i made it to this point, i tried multiple times to make it connect. Little did i know it's not even supported yet. The worst part and reason i'm here, my tappecue went into a on off mode. Repeatedly! Finally got it to turn off and stay off by holding the power button until it turned off. Everytime i've tried to power it on it does the same thing. Hope i don't have expensive paperweight....
Got both of mine yesterday. Want to see how it performs with the cruise control setup. Hopefully the firmware update gets pushed before the weekend because I have a brisket to smoke.

Last good update on the shipping of my probe is from May 16 and was in KC.   Also hoping mine comes in before the weekend.   Then will wait patiently for the firmware (they are probably in the throws of the last days of testing/bug fixing before releasing the package)

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Hey everyone, we are in the last steps of testing the firmware and should have it out very soon!  Thanks for your patience while we work out a few of the last bugs today.  If you have any issues with the AirProbes, please start a new topic (link at the top right hand of the page) and post topic in "AirProbe Beta".  If you have any other requests for app updates, you can start a topic in the "feature requests" section of the forum.  It helps us stay organized on what features and problems we should be prioritizing.  You'll receive an email whenever the firmware is available.  If you have your Tappecue in Beta-Mode then all you will need to do is restart your Tappecue and it will ask if you'd like to update your firmware; select "yes" and it will automatically download the new firmware onto your Tappecue device.  Thanks again for your patience!  We're looking forward to your feedback.  We haven't officially launched the product for the public yet, but if you'd like to share your experience with the new AirProbes to friends and family, feel free to do so.  Please remember that we are still in beta testing and there will be bugs we have to work through. Thank you all for your willingness to help and be apart of the beta-testing.  Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

Just updated the firmware and it for the probe instantly.  So far so good!

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