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Beta-Testing Instructions

Prepare your Tappecue Touch and AirProbe

The first step to beta-testing your new AirProbe is putting your Tappecue Touch in Beta-Mode.  You can do this by following the link to Beta-Testing Firmware on your Tappecue Touch.

Once your Tappecue Touch is finished updating to the latest firmware version, we can begin testing the new AirProbe.

Prepare your new AirProbe by inserting your AAA battery into the charging dock.  Charge your new AirProbe for 5 minutes, until fully charged.  By pressing the button on the charging dock, if the green LED light turns on, your probe is fully charged.

Begin a New Session on the Tappecue Mobile App

Start a "test" session on your mobile app.  Your new AirProbe is pre-programed to a specific probe port (one of your choosing).  If you chose "Green" as your color when you purchased, the new AirProbe can only work with the "Green" port (port 1).  When starting a session and selecting your probes, be sure to specify your new AirProbe as a "Dual Sensor" probe with the toggle under "Probe Type".  Select "Slot A" as your internal temperature, and "Slot B" as your chamber temperature.  Note that if you chose a red, black, or blue colored AirProbe, you will need to add your other probes first, before adding your AirProbe.  For example, the red probe is unique to the red probe port, Port 2, so while setting up your session, you must first add Port 1 even if you don't have anything in your first port (you can select "None" as your probe) and then you can continue to add your next probe (your Red AirProbe).   Proceed as normal when setting up the rest of your session.  

Pair your new AirProbe with your Tappecue Touch

Turn on your Tappecue Touch, remove the new AirProbe from its charging dock.  When removed from its charging dock, the AirProbe automatically scans for nearby Bluetooth connections and pair with your powered ON Tappecue Touch.  It is pre-programed to communicate with your Tappecue Touch.  You will see temperatures come through on your device as soon as it's paired.  

Note: for now, only have one Tappecue Touch powered on while linking your AirProbes.

Updates and Problems

We will keep you informed on updates through email.  If you encounter a problem while testing your probes, please "Start a new topic" on the AirProbe Beta forum

Did a second hang test with no hangs.

Did learn constant loss of bluetooth greatly decreases probe duration.

I did a cold test in my fridge and freezer.

I learned that the air probe tip can read negative temps, but the base (chamber) reports 11756 for any negative temps.

The freezer at 0F probe lasted 8h10m.

The fridge at 41F probe lasted 9h30m.

The fridge blocked significant signal, and the freezer more.

Hi James,

It creates another (fake) Tappecue registration called AirProbes.  You would see a session for your Touch and a session for your AirProbes.

So you can use them at the same time, though they are listed under different sessions.



Great information Michael!

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