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Battery life

I thought I’d read this wireless probe should last 11 hours or so but mine only seems to last around 4 hours. Any ideas?

Hi Bob,

Initially it was 4+ hours.  We've been finding it has more battery life than 4 hours, but it seems to be dependant on the environment (ie, leaving out in open air vs a smoker vs an oven with a front glass door, etc.  We have had it run as long as 10 hours in open air.  This weekend it was 7 hours in our heavily insulated smoker at around 250.  Will you run a test after charging for a full 10 minutes in open air and let us know your results?  Start a session so you can track it.



Hi, Just got the airprobes and doing my first long smoke with it. Initially started out and got about 5.5 hours or so out of it then I recharged and got another 2.5 hours or so. Any possible way to get more charge out of the airprobes? It's kind of annoying to have to recharge multiple times through a 12-24 hour cook.

Hi Luke,

Will you run a test at room temperature and tell me what life you are getting out of it?

It seems as if it didn't get fully charged for it to go from 5 1/2 to 2 1/2.

Do you have a new battery in the charger?



I'll do a room temp test to see. I used Brand new batteries. Is there a way to see what the battery life of the probe is? The instructions say that it has a full charge when the indicator is lit but I don't think that really is the case because the indicator turns green after like 10 seconds.
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