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Probe charging

Just out of curiosity:

  • I left the probe out of the charger over night.   The battery was depleted and did not connect to the touch this morning.
  • I placed the probe in the charger and pushed the button to check the charge, it didn't light
  • Waited about 3 seconds, hit the button again and it was lit
  • Pulled out the probe and it connected to the touch

After the last bullet, I don't know how much of a charge was on the probe.   Is it possible to get the led to blink if it is not a full charge and stay lit on full charge ?
Extra bonus points for:
  • one blink, long pause is 25% full
  • two blinks, long pause is 50% full
  • three blinks, long pause is 75% full
  • steady on is 100% full

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Hi Bill,

I did ask this question from the engineers and it is a possible upgrade.

Thanks for the feedback!


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