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AirProbe direct to Smartphone Communication via Bluetooth (Beta)

We're looking for 10-15 people to test out the AirProbe direct to smartphone communication via bluetooth functionality.  If you have an Android Phone and would want to test out the new app, please let us know below.  Thank you!

Note:  You will have to have an AirProbe to BetaTest.  Many of you have them already that are testers.  If not, we are offering them for a discount and here is another $10 coupon code making them $50.   Use the promo code BETA on checkout.

Note:  7/7/2020

I want to apologize, This forum post was written a couple of weeks ago and we had already had a couple of hundred customers who have purchased BETA probes at a discount and had fulfilled the number of people needed for Beta Testing firmware and apps.  What is new is that any of our customers (whether V1, V2 or Touch) can make use of the AirProbes directly connected to the Tappecue mobile apps which are in BETA, but you have to have an AirProbe.  This will be a direct line of BLE communication from your mobile device and the probe.  It will have a distance limitation of about 100 feet depending on environment, but it is still cloud based.  If you have say a tablet that can sit within 100 feet or so, you can still be anywhere and get your temps on your phone through the Tappecue mobile app.  This will work for our V1 and V2 customers.  But if you have a Tappecue Touch, this serves as the base unit and replaces the mobile device, it will have to be within 100 feet.  We will still offer AirProbes at a discounted price of $50.  They will run around $69 at launch.  They are on our website at $60 and here is a coupon code for you for another $10 OFF  The promo code is BETA and you use it while checking out.  

I'm so sorry for the confusion.


We're now accepting iPhone users as well.  Comment below if you're interested and we'll reach out for more information.

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We just released the Android App to Beta.

Here is the link.


Here is the link for iOS.  You will have to install TestFlight from the App Store first.  Search TestFlight in the App Store to download then click this link:

Order your AirProbe here: 

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I would like to try out the temperature probe
I am interested and have an iPhone 8 for reference.
I would like to try one as well, would be happy to upload any info or pics if needed too!
I have a Android and would be willing to upload pictures or any info needed!
I have an Android (Samsung Galaxy s10) and is love to test.
I have iphone, I would like to beta test.
I’d be happy to test on multiple iOS devices
I would be interested in testing with android.
I’d like to test the new probe. I have multiple iOS devices.

Please order your AirProbe here to test out the app:

Hello, I'm I interested in helping out.
I am interested. Samsung Note phone running Android.
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