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Beta firmware update problem.

I tried to update my touch and it goes into a continuous loop....New firmware...Start...Updating...then it restarts on its own...New firmware....start...updating....then restarts...on and on.

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Hi Joe Margardino,

I have a work around for you.

Disconnect from WiFi.
When it boots up, go to the settings gear, go to WiFi, Offline Mode, Offline.

Let it reboot in OFFLINE mode.
Plug a probe in, make sure you get temperature readings.

Then go back to the settings gear, go to WiFi, Offline Mode, Normal.
Let it reboot, then try the firmware update again.

Thank you,

I am having the same crash-looping problem following application of the most recent firmware.  I tried the steps above.

When the device boots into offline mode it works as expected.

When I put it back into normal mode it starts crash-looping again.  It crashes seconds after startup, too fast for me to update the firmware.

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