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AirProbe Calibration

Has anyone run into noticed calibration issues with their AirProbes? 

I have had mine since the beta and with roughly 15 uses in 5 months one probe is now off 7 deg and wont go below 39degf. To check calibration I have two wired chamber probes, another AirProbe, and my instant read themometer that all read 32degf in an ice bath.

Thanks for reporting Derek.

Do you have more than 1 and is it only 1 with the issue?

Correct. I got beta black and blue probes and the black one is probably used 5 times as often since it is probe 3. The blue probe is still accurate.

I have 4 wired and 2 AP1 and 2 AP2 as well as my thermapen (which I can and do calibrate).

I have tested all my probes at 32F, 173F, and 212F.  Each probe is a bit different by +/- 5F.  I have come to know my probes and adjust for the differences.  I have to re-calibrate my thermapen at least once a year - I suspect this happens with most probes...thus I requested some way to adjust the temps of a probe in the app.

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