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I installed the Tappecue app on my Mac running 10.12.6.  The LCD on the tappecue shows PC Connected.  I was able to create an account on the registration screen.  When it dropped me back to the login screen i put in the username and password I had just created and the application window disappears.  The app is still showing as running in the dock but there are no windows.  I tried it both with the tappecue plugged in and unpluged, rebooted my laptop and even tried installing the driver from your site.  Any ideas?

Sure Kurt,

First of all, nothing on the LCD means a firmware update didn't finish completely and needs to be re-applied.  I don't know what version of the Tappecue you have.  Can you tell me if it has an external antenna or internal?   Is the LCD enclosed inside the case or is a cutout in the plastics so it is exposed?

You can give me a call at 471-213-5870


Hi Gina, I have just received a Tappecue with the purchase of a business, I am using a MAC which is running El Capitan 10.11.1 At the moment I have nothing displayed on the LCD and I cannot install the MAC software due to numerous errors. can you please assist me in this matter?

Hi Jason,

I replied to your earlier ticket for this is two separate issues.  The LCD screen means a Firmware Update wasn't applied fully.  We have a separate FAQ about that.  We'll get you working again, check your email.

Have tried everything can't get brand new device to work....running 10.11.4 OS X El Capitan....can't get devise to show anything on lcd screen let alone wifi or register devise
Thank you I updated my mac and now my tappecue is up and running I appreciate the help.
Your Mac operating system must be at least 10.9 or the driver will not recognize.
When I try to register tappecue I get an error that says " failed to retrieve MAC address of the tappecue. Please try again" how do I register my tappecue?

The MAC BETA program is now available on our website ( on our downloads page.  

how can I get the mac software? 

That's great! Thanks for the feedback. Happy Thanksgiving!
Gina, it took twice going through it and signing out of the app and back in and we got it to work. We got the confirmation messages and were able to get it registered also. It is working now. Thank you very much. My nephew develops Mac apps and says that it works well for an Alpha app but there needs to be some better instructions and "flow" but it works quite well. Thanks again!!
If the MAC didn't have a wifi connection yet it would have bumped you out when logging in. That's what I meant about a bug if no wifi. Just in case that's what happened with the program disappeared when logging in at first.
You don't have to be logged in to your account to setup wifi.
There was a bug when wifi was off. Why don't you try 1. Plugging in the USB 2. Click the Tappecue icon 3. Register new account instead of logging in 4. Go directly to the utilities tab and show MAC address just to make sure the Tappecue is working. 5. Go to the wifi setup tab and try again.
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