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Hi Jason,

I replied to your earlier ticket for this is two separate issues.  The LCD screen means a Firmware Update wasn't applied fully.  We have a separate FAQ about that.  We'll get you working again, check your email.

Hi Gina, I have just received a Tappecue with the purchase of a business, I am using a MAC which is running El Capitan 10.11.1 At the moment I have nothing displayed on the LCD and I cannot install the MAC software due to numerous errors. can you please assist me in this matter?

Sure Kurt,

First of all, nothing on the LCD means a firmware update didn't finish completely and needs to be re-applied.  I don't know what version of the Tappecue you have.  Can you tell me if it has an external antenna or internal?   Is the LCD enclosed inside the case or is a cutout in the plastics so it is exposed?

You can give me a call at 471-213-5870


I installed the Tappecue app on my Mac running 10.12.6.  The LCD on the tappecue shows PC Connected.  I was able to create an account on the registration screen.  When it dropped me back to the login screen i put in the username and password I had just created and the application window disappears.  The app is still showing as running in the dock but there are no windows.  I tried it both with the tappecue plugged in and unpluged, rebooted my laptop and even tried installing the driver from your site.  Any ideas?

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