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HTTP API documentation

Just received my Tappecue, it's very slick! I appreciate the mobile apps, but it would be nice to create a custom web page that displays the current temperatures without requiring anyone to install an app.

Could you document the HTTP or other API used to control and query the Tappecue, so that I could write a custom client for it? Even some basic information would be helpful.



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Bryan, Were you able to create a web page for this?

Nevermind, my bad, I see on the site that you have made it available on  Thanks much!

This is exactly what I need.  Says "implemented" but where?

Hi All,

I'm going to copy over Frank Dice's message here for you. 

He has developed the front facing Tappecue API.

Hi Everyone!

I'm Frank, the maintainer of the public-facing Tappecue API. I'm not directly associated with Tappecue, I just really wanted API access to integrate my Tappecue into my existing home automation. Since I was already building this API, I wanted to be able to share it with the rest of the Tappecue community. I hope you find new and interesting ways to integrate with your Tappecue and share them back with the community!

Please reach out to me at with any questions/comments or report an issue on the project's GitHub.

Official documentation is located at
The API URL is


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Any chance of exposing methods for starting and stopping sessions, or for extracting cook tables from the server? I'm told from a reliable source that Tappecue doesn't make that available to the API.

What would it take to expose those methods? 

Hi James,

Thanks for the inquiry.

We have made a standard that read-only would be the most secure setup for us at this time.

We don't want any edits or writes which is what the start and stopping session would be.

Extracting cook data is something we share privately with letters of understanding but don't want to release publicly at this time.

Of course, you can capture all the data as well from the current session data into a table and get the same results.

Thank you for the inquiry!


Thanks to Frank for making the effort!  Looking forward to trying these APIs...

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